Monday, February 25, 2008

Cashcrate Video!

I made a video for Cashcrate. Check it out!

Also, I'm going to be getting a check soon so I will post a pic and review of the site once I receive my check.

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Brring Check Comming

Just requested my check from Brring. Before I confirm I got payment I'll tell you about the site. Basically when you sign up you get a second number that is linked to your local phone number. The new number is local too so your friends can use it. Every time your friends/anyone call they hear an ad thats about 15 seconds long. After that they are transfered to you and you will carry on a conversation as usual and will never be interrupted. I use my brring number for those telemarketers because when they hear the recording they hang up so I get paid while I never get a call from them. Win-Win Situation. As always, if you have any questions email me or post a comment and I will answer the same day or the next day. Is this blog helpful? Send it to friends!

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Brring! Get Calls, Get Cash!

Gomez Peer

Theres a site out there that pays you to use your processor time. I'll admit I was skeptical at first but don't turn away yet! You see Gomez Inc. is a company that tests website performance. The main thing they do is test how fast a clients website will load at certain times of day/night from all different parts of the world. I will admit the pay is low but its free money and doesen't take up any ram so you have nothing to lose. Below are screenshots of my payments and I'm supposed to be getting another one soon so that screenshot will be posted soon as well.



I know a few of you are thinking spyware. Just remember that Gomez has been in business for over 5 years now and still no spyware complaints. They are looking for users all over the globe.

HINT: When you sign up they want you to download the program to see if you would be what they want. So leave your computer on as much as you can so you will be accepted. If you leave it on 24/7 like I do, then you will be approved in a few days like I was. If you have any questions comment me and I will answer them probably the same day.

Again, The Link: Gomez Peer